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Everyone loves Magical Trevor,
'cuz the tricks that he does,
are ever so clever,
look at him now, disappearing a cow,
where is the cow, hidden right now?
Taking a bow, it's Magical Trevor,
everyone has seen that the trick is clever,
look at him there, with his leathery leathery whip,
it's made of magic, and with a little flick,

yeah yeah, yeah, the cow is back.
Yeah yeah, yeah, the cow is back.
Back back, back from his magical journey.

What do you see, in the parallel dimension,
you saw beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, oh beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans yeah yeah.

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Great Job!

Seriously, if any Republicans saw this, they would take it way too serious. That's why I hate those damned redneck idiots who think they are the best and think they can boss everybody around, because they are on Bush the Ass's side. I'm not 100% Democrat, I just hate Bush. But I wouldn't move to the republican side. Anyway, hilarious movie, and I understand it was a joke and stuff.

Wow. Great job ripping Pencilmation off.

This is -Dumazz- from the Flashstand forums, and I want to say is FUCK YOU. You have obviously copied Pencilmation, and even if you deny it, it is obvious in all facts. I will state some stuff, Tauk was right.

-On Paper
-Stick figures
-Space ship
-same looking guy as in pencilmation when he is spacified

You are the most idiotic moron I have ever seen to walk the planet. Good bye, and enjoy the pleasant "0" I give you. And for all you voted above a zero, I give a flick of my middle finger.

Wolfenheim responds:

no no no no no you stupid retard. the "spaceman" in pencilmation went to the moon. he didnt get dropped off by his UFO onto earth. its on paper to make things interesting. stick figures are easy to animate frame by frame. i do see your point about the spaceman looking somewhat identical to the one in pencilmation, cept the other one has a bigger head, and isnt as cool as mine. btw i thought of this idea before viewing pencilmation. i just viewed after seeing all these people saying "rip off" and such

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Great Job!

This was incredible, I can't believe someone would be able to make such a perfect game engine. Don't listen to those bastards that rated below a 9. This game rocks, and so do you Arrogancy! I loved the story and the music, the animation was perfect.

Very good Wiesi! And to the last guy..

You can get money also buy fishing and selling the fish to kirby, you can get alot of money that way. Anyway, great game! You draw very well, and I like your site very much! I'm gald there's talent like this on NG.

Ok, but this was NOT stolen.

the 2 idiots behind, the sad saps, look at whoever made this's name, -G-o-T-hick-animation, see the GT!!!!! :P otherwise this was ok for the beginners.

porkupines are funny...

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